Braille alphabet

Braille is by far the most widespread and practical letter used by the blind. Although some technological and technical solutions replace, supplement or try to replace and supplement the function of this letter, they cannot completely replace it.

In Bosnia and Herzegovina, a Braille system has been developed that is uniquely used, as the three languages used by the peoples of this country are very similar, regardless of the two scripts (Cyrillic and Latin) that are not important for establishing a single Braille system.

Braille is a relief, dotted letter for the blind derived from Barbier’s 12-point system, used by soldiers to write in the dark. It was not until 1825 that Louis Bray perfected a 6-point system that enabled the writing of mathematical formulas and musical notes. By combining the points marked with numbers 1-6, 63 characters can be obtained. The signs are marked with two vertical columns, of which the left column is marked with numbers 1-3 from top to bottom, and the right one with 4-6 from top to bottom.

At the beginning of 2000, a five-member expert commission was formed in the organization of the umbrella association of the blind of BiH in cooperation with the Centers for Blind Children and Youth from Sarajevo and Derventa, which drafted the systematization of Braille for BiH.