How to join?

Members of the Union of the Blind of Republic of Srpska may be blind and partially sighted persons, residing in Republic of  Srpska, who join on a voluntary basis who meet the requirements of the World Health Organization’s definition of blindness “Definition of blindness”. in accordance with the area of ​​responsibility of municipal, inter-municipal and city organizations ..

The following steps are required for the membership process:

    1. Download the eye card form from the website of the Union, which can be found by clicking on the link: “general acts”, or contact the address of the local organization;
    2. According to the referral of the family doctor, with an eye chart, go to the competent ophthalmologist, who will determine the category of blindness or low vision based on the examination and insight into the medical documentation, and enter the data in the eye chart;
    3. Then, go to a local organization and make a membership.


After joining the Association of the Blind of RS, we advise you to copy the original eye card in several copies and certify it in the municipality so that it can be used to submit applications for exercising social rights, benefits, etc.